Cookbooks You need in 2016

Now that the holidays are over, I can officially get back to some good home cooking. While the holidays provided a nice break from my usual Monday- Friday career as a short order cook, I am definitely ready to get back in the kitchen like the domestic diva I am. Fine maybe not diva, it's not like I am the Christina Aguilera of the kitch or anything, I just appreciate alliteration okay? Like any good shopaholic/ food connoisseur, I have collected a vast amount of cookbooks over the years to fuel my love for everything food and materialistic. Thought I would share some of my faves in the event that you too wanted to achieve domestic diva status in 2016. 

  1. It's All Good- call me a Goop disciple if you must but this cookbook is awesome. The recipes are quick, easy, and tasty. You honestly don't even feel like you are being "good." Our family fave is the Asian meatballs. They are in the kids section and they are amazing. 
  2. The Art of Eating Well- This one is super informative and actually changed the way I eat. They talk a lot about moderation and are super into nutrient rich bone broths and are totally grain free if you are into that. Love love love the Chicken TInola soup
  3. Plenty- These recipes are great if you're looking to impress a vowed meat eater with some veggie fare. He separates the book by vegetable making it a super easy, accessible read. 
  4. Jerusalem- I routinely request that my Dad makes me this butternut squash tahini bake. It tastes so indulgent and creamy. I could literally eat the whole pan.
  5. Gjelina- If you have ever eaten at this Venice Beach spot you'll want the cookbook. Such amazing, fresh California fare. 
  6. Mexico, the cookbook- I admittedly only bought this cookbook for aestetic reasons, but it has turned out to be a good addition. It divides the recipes by region.
  7. Super Natural Every Day- This is another vegetarian cookbook, but is for sure unique. Heidi Swanson puts a global spin on all of her food crafting recipes you'll want to make over and over again. 
  8. Eat Pretty- Recipes in this read are good, but most valuable is all of the informative info about which foods do what for your body. Super easy read packed with nutritional info. 
  9. Kitchy Kitchen- I am obsessed with the back part of this book. Claire provides different menus for different occasions even offering a guide to putting together various cheese and anti-pasta plates. Such a helpful book for the hostess with the mostest. 
  10. Bon Appetit- Just ordered and can't wait until it comes! I am for sure a food lover, but could really use a cleanse as of late
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