Best in Bath

Does anyone else dream of ending their day in their own personal, kid- free, spa-like bathroom suite? I don't think I am alone in my visions of face masks, bath salts, candles, and Norah Jones tunes (kind of kidding about Norah playing but not really). If you are having trouble envisioning, take a gander at Damsel In Dior's snap chat, she's doing it all of the freaking time in her brand new bathroom, champs in hand. Jeal.

Anyhow, after our super fun bedtime routine of five thousand glasses of water, stories, and "special tuck-in's" that was exactly what I was looking to do. My dilemma you ask? No such bathroom in my house exists. Our tub is routinely covered with Barbie hair, strewn with rubber ducky like animal toys, and any dreams I have of bath salts are promptly dumped out in one false swoop by my 3 year old. I get it, they do look like pink sparkles. Instead I settled for a quick shower and some Vanderpump Rules before my husband got home. It was fine, and Jax's uncanny sociopath-esque ability to fool girl after girl into thinking that he is a good guy almost made up for the fact that I wasn't soaking away, encased by white marble. I did however take some time between my Bravo cramming to find the baths of my dreams and here they are. 

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