Life Envy

Maybe I should have done this list on Wednesday and called it WCW (I just learned that that is woman crush Wednesday, who knew? Oh everyone. OK.) Anyways, let me ask you this. Do you know who Jenny Kayne is? Like the amazing shoe gal? Well if not you need to check this chick out. Her blog, Rip and Tan, named after her really cute kids is AMAZING. She is like a chic hippy. Ideal in my opinion. Her flower arrangements are TDF, her table settings are ridiculous, and one look at her kids bday parties and you will immediately feel like a total tool for your own bouncy house extravaganza. Don't worry I've been there. I'm sharing some images from her Christmas fete below. If you click through to her website, she sources everything!!! Side note: Do yourself a favor and check out her store. Her leopard mules are perpetually on my wish list.