Hello from Chicago! Picture overload I know. I blame it on the IPhone. Just too many freaking cute moments to capture! This is my little place where I share what I am currently into. I'm a gal of many interests and while I love my crazy kiddos and husband it is amazingly awesome to have a place where I can carry on about subject matter outside the latest rare Shopkin and Disney Princesses. My husband just won't shut up about Elsa! JK he's not into Elsa he's more of a Jasmine guy. But for real, my clique doesn't really care about Net-A-Porter or the latest celeb skincare routine so this is my spot for all of that very serious Real Housewife -esque chatter. Perhaps some of you share some of the same trivial interests, domestic or otherwise. Lots of health and happiness to you and yours! 



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